Data centre SSDs optimised for density and efficiency

15-11-2021 | Kioxia | Subs & Systems

KIOXIA Europe GmbH offers what it claims to be the industry’s first line-up of Enterprise and Data Center Standard Form Factor (EDSFF) E3.S SSDs designed with PCIe 5.0 technology. The new KIOXIA CD7 E3.S Series delivers a new era to flash memory employed in servers and storage. Building on the E3.S development samples that received a 'Best in Show' award at last year’s Flash Memory Summit, the series increases flash storage density per drive for optimised power efficiency and rack consolidation.

Cutting free from the design limitations of the 2.5" form factor, the family is optimised for the demands of high-performance, highly efficient servers and storage. EDSFF allows the next generation of SSDs to meet future data centre architectures while supporting multiple new devices and applications. It offers improved airflow and thermals and signal integrity benefits. Support for higher E3.S power budgets than 2.5" form factor SSDs and better signal integrity allows EDSFF to provide the performance promised by PCIe 5.0 technology and beyond.

“In a time where we require storage media that can easily be adapted while optimising performance or capacity, the new KIOXIA E3.S SSDs, designed with PCIe 5.0 technology and utilising EDSFF, open up new cost-saving opportunities for server and storage systems and make efficient use of flash memory chips for SSD storage density,” said Paul Rowan, vice president of the SSD Marketing and Engineering at KIOXIA Europe GmbH.

By Natasha Shek