High clamp force PCB retainers for use in rugged environments

21-10-2021 | Foremost | Subs & Systems

Foremost Electronics now supplies the nVent/Schroff Card-Lok range of innovative high thermal performance and high clamp force PCB retainers for rugged environments. The new retainers have been created to be drop-in replacements for most applications employing standard Card-Loks and offer on average more than three times the amount of clamp force compared to similarly-sized Card-Loks.

Standard COTS and modified Card-Loks are offered to satisfy a wide array of demands and incorporate designs for second-level maintenance, including torque limiting and tool-less card locks. With these small and lightweight designs, typical applications comprise industrial systems, communications, defence, space flight, computers and intelligence surveillance.

As more systems are being exposed to increased shock and vibration, sufficient PCB retention is crucial, as are the demands of SWaP. SWaP is a continuing challenge for defence and aerospace designers together with manufacturers. It is particularly important in airborne applications where weight equates to cost, or for uncrewed vehicles where space is a premium. The necessity to miniaturise electronics has also been driven by the increasing demand for devices that can simply be carried over long distances by operators.

Emma Kempster, key account manager of Foremost Electronics, comments: "Reliability of critical systems is of paramount importance to designers and systems integrators. nVent/Schroff Card-Lok high clamp force PCB Retainers installed in appropriate enclosures protect sensitive systems from the effects of shock and vibration ensuring maximum reliability.”

By Natasha Shek