DC-DC converter for RFPA and PoE applications

20-10-2021 | Flex Power Module | Power

Flex Power Modules introduces its PKU4116HD through-hole DC-DC converter, with 36-60V input (80V peak) and fully-regulated 55V output. The open-frame module is in the industry-standard 1/16th brick format, 33.02mm x 22.86mm x 9.8mm, and is rated at 110W/2A output to 50C ambient with natural convection and to 85C with extra airflow. Exceptional thermal performance also provides operation to 100C ambient with derating. Efficiency is high, typically 92.4% at 48Vin, full load and proven technology is employed to produce high reliability at an attractive price-point.

The device provides monotonic start-up into a pre-biased load, a remote-control function, and full protection against over-temperature, input under-voltage, output over-voltage and over-current. Standby power is typically 0.5W.

Input/output isolation is 2250VDC and compliant with IEC/EN/UL 62368-1. Together with the 55V output, this makes the part especially suitable for PoE applications and a supply for RF power amplifiers in microwave radio systems and small cells. EN 55022/32, CISPR 22 and FCC part 15J conducted EMC levels can be satisfied with a simple external filter network.

The device is ideal for pin-in-paste reflow processes for convenient automated assembly.

David Xie, Flex Power Modules director of R&D and product management, comments: “This new sixteenth-brick DC-DC is a great addition to our range with its highly competitive price point. It’s ideal for price-sensitive PoE and cell base station applications.”

The series benefits from the company's long experience and has undergone comprehensive qualification, which, together with highly automated manufacturing, guarantees reliable operation. These products are backed up by ISO 9001/14001 certification and excellent technical support.

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