Contactless switch for hygienic switching

12-10-2021 | Schurter | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

An extensive variety of technologies for contactless switching are competing for the favour of developers and buyers. But not each one is suitable to the same extent. Often, they send out false signals under certain conditions, such as water splash and rain, which triggers unintentional switching. The optical technology ToF employed in the Schurter TTS can be programmed individually, with high precision, so that malfunctions are stopped. These switches are now available from TTI Europe.

The switch is programmed so that the standard detection distance is 60mm to 0.02mm. This assures that wiping over or cleaning the switch surface does not trigger a switching signal. The switches provide the highest reliability, and since they have no moving parts, the lifetime is more than 20 million switching cycles.

Typical applications include public areas, vending machines, parking systems, and sanitary areas.

By Natasha Shek