Compact RF amplifier is a rugged and fanless multiband cellular device

06-10-2021 | Saelig | Power

Saelig Company now offers the thinkRF H1000A RF Power Amplifier – a discrete, rugged, and portable RF amplifier intended for public safety and emergency communications supporting operation from a 12V vehicle power system or V-mount battery. With signal gain of up to 43dB and regulation of the incoming power plus surge protection, it has been created for dependable use in harsh conditions that incorporate vibration, shock, rain and dust in mission-critical situations. Housed in a compact IP66 rated enclosure (10.5" x 8.9" x 7.9") and light (<11 bs), the fanless device is silent and highly reliable in operation. It covers mobile wireless frequency bands from 715MHz to 2.7GHz and provides a 10W operating power output. It is intended to be employed with a broad range of signal sources and operational scenarios and can tolerate up to 10:1 VSWR output mismatch.

This rugged RF amplifier operates with 12V vehicle power or with commercially available V-mount camera batteries. Multiple batteries may be stacked for increased power demands. This can offer uninterrupted operational use for Electronic Warfare or Signal Intelligence applications. Hybrid-mode operation facilitates uninterrupted power operation when switching from vehicle power to battery power and back. The hot-swappable battery option enables the users to swap one battery at a time. Its versatile power options make it an invaluable asset for homeland security, emergency communications, TSCM (non-linear junction detection) and rural communications.

The device’s built-in microprocessor simplifies set-up and diagnostics, while its Ethernet port provides access to diagnostic functions for monitoring voltage, internal unit temperatures, current, and RF input power levels.

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