Premium miniature fan units to cool electronic components

16-09-2021 | Bürklin | Subs & Systems

Bürklin Elektronik provides a range of miniature fan units to satisfy the growing demands of small, high-performance electronic components. The LAM K series from Fischer Elektronik includes miniature fan units to dissipate large amounts of heat in small spaces.

Miniature fan units, each with a fan motor, are offered in 30mm x 30mm, 40mm x 40mm and 50mm x 50mm dimensions, each furnished with a double ball bearing system modified to industrial demands. They are remarkably effective for cooling large power losses in small installation spaces.

For larger circuit board dimensions or higher power dissipation, miniature fan coil units are also offered in 60.5mm x 30mm, 80.8mm x 40mm, and 100.5mm x 50mm dimensions as a double version. The basic structure of these tube profiles comprises a circumferential rectangular base frame with a material thickness of 2.5mm to 4.5mm. The respective outer surfaces of the frame with an opposing ribbed structure also function as semiconductor mounting surfaces with a flatness of 0.1mm. This indicates they do not have to be face-milled.

The Axial fan motors can be mounted speedily and easily in mounting holes combined into the profile utilising screw mounting. A relatively high airflow rate at high dynamic pressure also guarantees air transport over longer cooling distances or unit lengths. The technical quality parameter MTBF, measured at an ambient temperature of 20C, is 280,000 hours.

The fan motors provide voltages between 5V, 12V and 24V, according to the application. They may also be equipped with an extra pulse output to control an alarm generator circuit when the fan is chosen or to monitor the rotor speed. The fan units may be installed directly on the PCB and comprise a tubular aluminium profile with a special internal heat exchange structure.

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