Next-generation GPS evaluation software offers advanced features

08-09-2021 | U-Blox | Design & Manufacture

U-blox has launched its new GNSS evaluation software, u-center 2. The software, which operates on Microsoft Windows, provides anyone working with tenth-generation U-blox GNSS technology a highly intuitive interface to configure GNSS products, evaluate their performance, develop the quality of their software, and experience the performance boost accomplished using GNSS-related services.

The new software is the successor to its u-center GNSS evaluation software, which over its nearly two decades of development has become the de facto industry standard for design engineers producing applications utilising GNSS receivers. Fully compatible with the latest M10 GNSS technology, it is designed from scratch to provide improved overall performance, as well as provide additions that simplify the configuration, evaluation, and software development of GNSS-based solutions.

“We are confident that users will immediately recognise how easy u-center 2 makes it to set up and evaluate the latest generations of our GNSS chips and modules,” says Bernd Heidtmann, product manager, Product Strategy for Standard Precision GNSS, U-blox. “With its fresh and minimalist user interface, the upcoming quick product configuration designed for key use cases, and optimised data logging, u-center 2 will raise the benchmark for GNSS evaluation tools in terms of performance and user experience.”

By Natasha Shek