Accelerated intelligent SoC development with on-device AI platform

21-09-2021 | Cadence | Design & Manufacture

Cadence Design Systems has released its Tensilica AI Platform for accelerating AI SoC development, including three supporting product families optimised for differing data and on-device AI needs. Crossing the low, mid and high end, the comprehensive platform provides scalable and energy-efficient on-device to edge AI processing, which is key to today’s increasingly ubiquitous AI SoCs. A new companion AI neural network engine (NNE) uses 80% less energy per inference and provides more than 4X TOPS/W than industry-leading standalone Tensilica DSPs. In contrast, neural network accelerators (NNAs) offer flagship AI performance and energy efficiency in a turnkey solution.

Targeting intelligent sensor, IoT audio, mobile vision/voice AI, IoT vision and ADAS applications, the platform provides optimal power, performance and area and scalability with a common software platform.

“AI SoC developers are challenged to get to market faster with cost-effective, differentiated products offering longer battery life and scalable performance,” said Sanjive Agarwala, corporate vice president and general manager of the IP Group at Cadence. “With our mature, extensible and configurable platform based on our best-in-class Tensilica DSPs and featuring common AI software, Cadence allows AI SoC developers to minimise development costs and meet tight market windows. By enabling AI across all performance and price points, Cadence is driving the rapid deployment of AI-enabled systems everywhere.”

By Natasha Shek