Selectable output piezo sounder driver drives higher SPL and longer runtimes

18-08-2021 | Diodes Inc | Power

Diodes Incorporated has released the PAM8907 piezoelectric sounder driver for maximising sound pressure level delivery from a ceramic/piezo sounder. The driver has a built-in synchronous boost converter, which increases SPL in battery-powered systems and outperforms other comparable sounder drivers. The device is optimised for wireless trackers, medical equipment, industrial alarm systems, and domestic appliances.

The wide 1.8V to 5.5V input voltage range supported by the sounder driver allows it to address multiple potential applications. A 22VPP or 31VPP output value can be selected (utilising the GPIO), thereby offering two different SPL options which enable optimised performance for SPL or battery runtime. Its integrated boost converter needs only a 1µH external inductor which helps reduce the BOM costs and board space.

Automatic shutdown and wake-up functions serve to extend the sounder driver’s runtime when incorporated in battery-powered systems, with less than 1μA of current drawn in shutdown mode. Thermal shutdown, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection, as well as undervoltage lockout mechanisms, are incorporated to ensure reliable operation. The product operates across a -40C to +125C ambient temperature range.

The piezoelectric sounder driver is provided in the compact 10-pin U-QFN2020 package delivering a minimal footprint.

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