Quad ADCs targeted at wideband or multiband direct to RF applications

12-08-2021 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Analog Devices Inc. AD9081 MxFE Quad ADCs, available now from Mouser, are highly integrated devices with four 16-bit, 12GSPS maximum sample rate and an RF DAC cores and four 12-bit, 4GSPS rate, RF ADC cores.

The ADCs are designed for applications necessitating wideband ADCs and DACs to process signal(s) with wide instantaneous bandwidth. The device offers eight transmit and eight receive lanes that support 24.75Gbps/lane JESD204C or 15.5Gbps/lane JESD204B standards. The device also provides an on-chip clock multiplier and a DSP capability targeted at either wideband or multiband direct to RF applications.

It has two models available. The 4D4AC model supports the complete instantaneous channel bandwidth. In contrast, the 4D4AB model supports a maximum fast bandwidth of 600MHz per channel by automatically configuring the DSP to limit the instantaneous bandwidth at startup.

Typical applications for this ADC include wireless communications infrastructure, microwave point-to-point, broadband communications systems, E-band and 5G mmWave, DOCSIS 3.1 and 4.0 CMTS, phased array radar and electronic defence, and electronic test and measurement systems.

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