Highest luminance at the smallest size

10-08-2021 | RS Components | Lighting Technologies

The OSLON Pure 1010 is ideal for use in spotlights for retail lighting, where exceptionally compact LEDs with high light output are required to bathe the articles on display in a particularly attractive light. This range of LEDs are available now from RS Components.

The scalability of the LEDs offers customers exceptional flexibility in assembling their individual lighting solutions. With best-in-class Color-over-Angle, the LED facilitates a customised, very high-density clustering giving the best Center Beam Candela Power and Cd/W.

The new LED joins the 1010 family aimed at the professional indoor, retails and special lighting segment where high flux density is essential. Due to their small LES and high-density clustering options, customers can customise colour spectra to specific project requirements.

The LED is now available in different colours – PC Red, PC Green, True Green, Cyan and Deep Blue.

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