M1 silicon compatibility for charge/sync products

05-07-2021 | Saelig | Subs & Systems

Saelig Company Inc has announced that Cambrionix now provides full hardware and software compatibility for the new Apple M1 Silicon across its full product range. This incorporates the recently released Cambrionix Modular IT system ModIT and Thunderbolt 3 hubs. Full compatibility assures that Cambrionix Enterprise Customer deployments of Apple iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, will run efficiently, smoothly, and ‘at scale', particularly during the iOS device provisioning stages.

The announcement from Apple that many of its key products are moving towards employing Apple-designed M1 Silicon has caused compatibility concerns among some mobile device management hardware vendors. Cambrionix provides fully configurable hardware and software charge/sync solutions, and its engineering team moved swiftly to ensure that its hardware and software is ready for the wider release of M1 Silicon hardware, giving full compatibility with no exception. This compatibility is offered by the company through a firmware release which customers can readily apply to their hardware using the Cambrionix LiveViewer application, available for MacOS.

Cambrionix founder, Steven Tyson, states: “Our core customer base uses Apple iOS and MacOS devices for deployments globally; ensuring Cambrionix products work flawlessly with Apple products is key to our success. We are releasing a new firmware version with minor changes that ensure that the Apple M1 Silicon is 100% compatible with our hardware and software. This means that our Enterprise Customers can continue provisioning and deploying Apple devices using their existing workflows and MDM software without modification. Our Engineering Team has once again proven that offering fully configurable hardware solutions is key for our customers.”

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