GNSS correction service brings centimetre-level positioning to mass market

09-07-2021 | U-Blox | Design & Manufacture

U-blox announces the launch of its new PointPerfect location service. The new service provides an advanced GNSS augmentation data service created from the ground up to be ultra-accurate, ultra-reliable, and available immediately. The service facilitates the fast-growing demand for high precision GNSS solutions, including autonomous vehicles such as UAV, service robots, machinery automation, micro-mobility, and other advanced navigation applications. Emerging automotive applications incorporate AD and ADAS, lane-accurate navigation, and telematics.

Provided by mobile internet or L-band satellite signals, it broadcasts on a continental scale with homogeneous coverage in Europe and the contiguous USA, including up to 12 nautical miles (approximately 22km) off coastlines to any number of end-devices, giving sub-10cm positioning accuracy and convergence of just seconds. Moreover, adopting the industry-driven SPARTN messaging format coupled with the lightweight and secure MQTT IoT delivery protocol produces a real-time, bandwidth-optimised, cost-efficient solution ideal for mass-market applications.

“PointPerfect seamlessly integrates our advanced high accuracy GNSS augmentation service with industry-leading positioning and connectivity hardware. Designed for increased flexibility, PointPerfect lowers barriers to adoption and supports scaled-up high precision positioning solutions, even in segments where such solutions would previously have been considered impractical. Moreover, innovative delivery options fully integrated into our easy-to-use Thingstream IoT service delivery platform eliminate complexities and allow users to engage more efficiently, reducing time-to-market,” says Franco de Lorenzo, principal product manager services, at U-blox.

By Natasha Shek