Automotive buck converter optimised for power density and low EMI

12-07-2021 | Texas Instruments | Automotive & Transport

The Texas Instruments LM6x4xx-Q1 buck regulator family are automotive-focused regulators offering fixed or an adjustable output voltage which can be set from 1V to 95% of expected input voltage. These regulators function under a wide input voltage range of 3V to 36V and have transient tolerance up to 42V.

The family is intended for low EMI. The device includes pin selectable spread spectrum and an adjustable SW node rise time. DRSS frequency hopping is set to ±4% (typical), drastically decreasing peak emissions through a combination of triangular and pseudorandom modulation, and incorporates advanced techniques to decrease output voltage ripple caused by spread spectrum modulation.

An open-drain RESET output, with filtering and delayed release, provides a true indication of system status. In auto mode, the device automatically transitions between FPWM and PFM modes of operation, providing an unloaded current consumption of just 5µA (typical). Electrical characteristics are specified over a junction temperature range of –40C to +150C.

By Natasha Shek