Radiation-hardened MOSFET qualified for commercial and space power solutions

10-06-2021 | Microchip Technology | Power

Microchip Technology has announced the qualification of its M6 MRH25N12U3 radiation-hardened 250V, 0.21Ohm Rds(on), MOSFET for commercial aerospace and defence space applications.

The radiation-hardened M6 MOSFET offers the primary switching element in power conversion circuits, including point-of-load converters, DC-DC converters, motor drives and controls and general-purpose switching. The MOSFET resists the harsh environments of space, extends the reliability of power circuitry and satisfies all conditions of MIL-PRF19500/746 with enhanced performance. The company completed testing for Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) review and qualification for the device’s sourcing in the U.S. defence supply chain.

The MOSFET is intended for future satellite system designs and serves as an alternate source in existing systems.

The device can withstand TID up to 100krad and 300krad and SEE with LET up to 87MeV/mg/cm2. It provides 100% wafer lot radiation hardness assurance in validation tests.

“Microchip’s entry into the radiation-hardened MOSFET market reflects our long-term commitment to support our customer base and provide aerospace and defence OEMs and integrators with high-performance solutions and continuous supply,” said Leon Gross, vice president of Microchip’s Discrete Product Group business unit. “In addition to our proven quality and reliability, the M6 MRH25N12U3 provides a value pricing option for developers and offers them full application support.”

The M6 MRH25N12U3 is part of Microchip’s broad portfolio of aerospace, defence and space technology that includes FPGAs, microprocessor ICs, linear ICs, power devices, discretes and power modules that integrate both SiC and Si power solutions. Together with its MCUs and analog products, Microchip serves the needs of high-power system control, gate drive and power stage – supporting developers worldwide with total system solutions.

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