Switching regulator family offers optimum thermal management

05-05-2021 | Recom International | Power

Recom‘s RPMH-1.5 series is a 1.5A non-isolated switching regulator power module, offers a profile of only 3.75mm and operates in a temperature range of -40C to +100C without derating. Switching regulators are ideal for applications where the efficient handling of high ambient temperatures performs a role in safe functionality such as e-mobility, industrial transport and solar panels. Furthermore, the regulators can be utilised for 48V bus applications, such as in the automotive, cloud computing and robotics sectors. These switching regulators are available now at Rutronik UK.

The modules impress with their efficiency of up to 97% under full load at ambient temperatures of up to +100C and manage derating at temperatures of up to 105C with no heat sink. Only one external capacitor is required to operate the controllers. Also, the non-insulated modules provide optimum electromagnetic compatibility due to six-sided shielding. With integrated UVLO, OCP, SCP and OTP technology, the family provides comprehensive protection.

In addition to a wide input voltage range of 4.3VDC to 60VDC, the controllers provide a customisable output voltage range of 2.64Vout to 28Vout. Also, the series, which is offered as a low-profile SMD device, has an on/off function and a power good signal that shows whether all voltages are within specification. Matching evaluation boards are also available.

By Natasha Shek