New Trench Schottky rectifiers offer increase efficiency for fast switching applications

06-05-2021 | Nexperia | Power

Nexperia has increased its portfolio of Trench Schottky rectifiers with devices rated at up to 100V and 20A. The new parts offer superior switching behaviour and thermal performance. They are offered in its CFP packages which provide a much smaller footprint than SMA/SMB/SMC components.

Trench technology provides low leakage and also considerably lessens the charge, Qrr, stored in the device. Hence, the rectifiers produce very fast switching, cutting the switching losses of the rectifier and the losses that are produced in the MOSFET in the same commutation cell – a configuration that is commonly employed in asynchronous switch-mode power converters. The company's PMEGxxxTx devices also offer a wide SOA, giving an extra safety margin and decreasing the risk of thermal runaway compared to parts currently available.

Jan Fischer, Nexperia’s product manager comments: “Nexperia’s Trench Schottky rectifiers combine low forward voltage and very low Qrr to enable best efficiency at high switching speeds as needed in switch-mode power converters. Automotive applications including LED lighting, in particular, will benefit from the wide SOA of our parts.”

The company is investing in its portfolio of Trench Schottky rectifiers, offering 32 devices from 40V to 100V and up to 15A in volume production. A further 17 parts, including the 20A types, are sampling.

By Natasha Shek