New AC power strip surge protectors offer leading-quality protection

27-05-2021 | Transtector | Power

Transtector Systems now offers new AC Power strip surge protectors for same-day shipping. The high-performance AC power strips give industry-leading surge protection coupled with non-degrading technology. They are excellent for telecom base station operators, emergency dispatch centres, IT and data centre operators, office managers, industrial automation site managers and hospital and school managers.

Created to protect critical loads, these new AC power strips use silicon avalanche suppression diode protection with an integrated power switch, providing for the temporary shut off to all loads. They provide resettable circuit breakers, and status LED and a switch cover to stop accidental shut off of power to loads.

“These new AC power strips are at the forefront of current surge protection technology. The high surge capacity coupled with non-degrading silicon avalanche diode technology provides unmatched protection performance and long-term reliability,” said Dan Rebeck, product line manager.

By Natasha Shek