Floating-point library licenced for company's compiler toolchain

05-05-2021 | Segger | Design & Manufacture

Segger Microcontroller has announced that Microchip Technology has licensed its optimised floating-point library, emFloat, for their XC32 V4.0 compiler toolchain and Arm Cortex-M devices.

emFloat is a total, fully optimised and verified floating-point library for embedded systems. The arithmetic routines are hand-coded in assembly language and optimised for small code size and improved execution speed.

“We found that emFloat provides our clients with the best floating-point package available in terms of code speed and size. We are pleased to announce that it will be included with the next release of our MPLAB XC32++ compilers,” says Rodger Richey, senior director of Global Development Systems for Microchip.

“We put a lot of time and energy into optimising emFloat for SEGGER’s Runtime Library, emRun, as well as for use in other toolchains,” says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. “It is good to see emFloat recognised for the great product it is and to see our software engineers get the credit they deserve for this quality work.”