Anti-sulfuration technology passes highest level of anti-corrosion certification

21-05-2021 | Apacer | Subs & Systems

Apacer has reached another pinnacle in its patented anti-sulfuration technology. The company’s industrial SSDs have passed the industry's highest level ANSI/ISA 71.04 G3 air corrosion certification test as certified by the American National Standards Institute/ International Society of Automation. Applications including 5G, AIoT high-speed networking, and edge computing will all profit greatly from this protection against sulfuration and other negative effects that can arise in harsh environments. The company's anti-sulfuration technology also considerably increases product reliability and durability, gives long-term stability to system operation, and increases the overall service life of the system.

The company believes that the continuous development of anti-sulfuration technology will secure the best protection for equipment. The company has successfully entered the world-renowned cloud computing service and e-commerce platform supply chain to produce the best service value for customers. Its industrial anti-sulfuration SSDs are manufactured with industrial-grade ICs and components may be equipped with various value-added application technologies to offer diversified specification options and resists harsh conditions in indoor and outdoor monitoring, 5G base stations, petrochemical minerals, high-speed networked servers, and edge computing applications. It offers the best method for keeping electronic devices functioning properly in polluted environments.

By Natasha Shek