Real-time tracking solutions for supply chain visibility

13-04-2021 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

Sensirion has announced that Tive’s multi-sensor tracker Solo 5G relies on its ISO 17025-certified humidity and temperature sensor SHT33. The Solo 5G provides the highest reliability and flexibility in usage.

Reliable temperature monitoring in the complexity of a modern logistics network demands trustworthy data loggers, which are frequently (pushed by regulations such as EN 12830) accepted only with certification from accredited laboratories (ISO 17025).

Tive’s in-transit visibility solution succeeds passive data loggers with real-time visibility into the location and condition, such as temperature, humidity, shock and light, of sensitive cold chain goods, including pharmaceuticals. And with the company's three-point calibrated sensors, it continues to speed the delivery of ISO-certified industry-compliant solutions that meet the exacting demands of shippers and logistics service providers focused on moving life-saving vaccines and their ingredients.

“Tive helps customers and LSPs manage critical shipments and take actions to eliminate preventable delays and damage,” said Martin Forest, VP, Technology and Operations at Tive. “Condition monitoring is key – it must be real-time, hyper-accurate and compliant. With Sensirion, we are confident that our products have the very best components available so we can focus on improving our solutions and delivering even more to our customers.”

“Tive’s innovative tracking solutions are the perfect application for our ISO 17025-certified humidity and temperature sensors, offering highly reliable, accurate and GDP-compliant sensor technology. Taking this disruptive approach, Tive and Sensirion are revolutionising cost-efficient temperature tracking in supply chain management,” says Matthias Scharfe, product manager for humidity and temperature sensors at Sensirion.

By Natasha Shek