Comprehensive range of piezoresistive pressure transducers

12-04-2021 | Variohm | Test & Measurement

Variohm EuroSensor provides a broad range of pressure transducers that offer widespread use for measurement and monitoring tasks across industrial machinery, science and research projects, automotive engineering and test, medical equipment, and many other areas.

Using the latest technology sensing and electronics elements, the company employ three main methods of building pressure transducers, all of which are piezoresistive approaches. The most utilised technology for its product range is a resistive bridge printed onto a steel membrane with thin-film measuring cells that are fully sealed in hermetically welded housings with no O-rings. These products provide excellent performance characteristics in terms of sensitivity, stability, performance over temperature and handling of higher frequency applications.

The second technology has similar design characteristics but with a methodology where resistors are bonded onto the pressure transmitter membrane. This affords more freedom in selecting the material for wetted parts and can be used on applications that need more stringent media compatibility requirements.

The third employed is based around a silicon chip that measures the applied pressure. The technology is the least robust against media and pressure peaks as it possesses internal O-Rings. However, due to the higher integration of the chip on the sensor’s PCB, the expense of this technology enables more cost-effective products if the application is suitable.

The company's comprehensive product portfolio crosses absolute, gauge and differential pressure measurement in various pressure range variants from a few millibars up to 5000 bar. The selection of the correct pressure range is the most significant factor when selecting a suitable sensor, and the company recommends roughly 50% to 75% of the sensors’ overall pressure range.

By Natasha Shek