PoE to USB Type-C power and data adapter supports variety of input PoE standards

03-03-2021 | Microchip Technology | Subs & Systems

Microchip Technology has released a PoE to USB-C adapter with the highest power capability that converts both power and data while providing up to 60W USB output power through an Ethernet cable supported by PoE infrastructure.

The adapter (part number PD-USB-DP60) can receive up to 90W of PoE and convert it to 60W output over USB-C powering most cameras, laptops, tablets and other devices employing USB-C for input power. This adapter simplifies installation by decreasing dependency on AC infrastructure. Without the dependency of an AC outlet, there is no longer a range limit of 3m, and power can be delivered over 100m. This adapter also improves the remote power management capabilities of the USB-C power device. The remote power reset capability, provided by the PoE source, enables power cycling through a web interface or SNMP to reset the device, rather than needing to manually unplug and restart at the location of the equipment.

The company's PoE to USB-C adapter can connect to various PoE sources with various standards deployed. It supports newer IEEE 802.3af/at/bt standards as well as legacy PoE standards. Having a versatile adapter is crucial due to the many diverse implementations of PoE already installed.

“This new device is ideal for easily deploying USB-C devices and providing them long-range power and data connectivity,” said Iris Shuker, director of Microchip's PoE business unit. “The adapters are built using Microchip’s USB power delivery ICs and PoE chipsets and are a perfect pairing with our latest PoE injectors and midspans.”

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