New enclosures simplify equipment troubleshooting and monitoring

17-03-2021 | Transtector | Subs & Systems

Transtector Systems has introduced a new series of NEMA-rated equipment enclosures created with rugged polycarbonate material and provide clear front lids.

The new enclosures with clear lids are excellent for protecting expensive equipment in both outdoor and indoor installations. These new enclosures are offered in 14" x 12" x 6" and 18" x 16" x 10" sizes and are constructed of high-impact, UV resistant polycarbonate material that offers superior durability while maintaining minimum weight. They can be employed in an extensive range of wired and wireless network applications.

These enclosures are ideal for high-temperature or corrosive environments and are provided in black and grey. Off-the-shelf options include 120VAC and 240VAC power, heating, cooling, equipment mounting plates, DIN rail mounts and more. Further product features include a stainless-steel latch with padlock eye, fully gasketed lids and user-installed wall mounting brackets.

“By utilising clear front lids on these enclosures, we can save our customers time and money when troubleshooting and monitoring networking and control equipment. These are perfect for technicians and field personnel to view equipment status LEDs and other critical indicators without having to open the enclosure,“ said Tinu Oza, product line manager.

By Natasha Shek