Integrated voltage regulator delivers a new benchmark in speed

31-03-2021 | Empower Semiconductor | Power

Empower Semiconductor has claimed they have achieved the world’s fastest transient response times in the Integrated Voltage Regulator family of Power Management devices. The Empower IVR EP7010 is a 10A Regulator that regulates through a load step from zero to 10A in 500ns with <15mv droop, with NO output capacitors.

The company's patented digitally configurable hardware platform has simplified the adoption of DC-DC converters for designers. With a single footprint, no external components, extended programmability, a broad array of current and output configurations, power designers can increase the device over almost all designs and platforms. By holding multiple entire power supplies in a single IC package, the usual concerns of component variation and sourcing, synchronisation and stability are all either removed or decreased significantly.

“Fast start-up times can be critical in many applications and being able to offer the world’s fastest transient response times is critical to many customers. With this game-changing speed improving both energy efficiency and performance is having a tremendous impact,” said Steve Shultis, senior vice president WW Sales and Marketing at Empower Semiconductor. “We have achieved incredible results in our EP70XX product family that has now delivered the world’s fastest transient speeds from zero to 10A in 500ns with <15mv droop without any output capacitors. This combination of density, speed and efficiency are allowing designers to utilise our products in groundbreaking ways, enabling breakthrough levels of system performance.”

“The Empower EP70xx family achieves bandwidths higher than our competitors’ switching speeds. Those experienced in the industry have to do a double-take at the time axis when looking at scope shots – we are used to dealing in microseconds, not nanoseconds. At typical load current ramp rates, our system regulates through the event instead of just trying to catch up. This dynamic accuracy, along with our incredible DVS speeds, allows our customers to confidently drop the operating voltage in their system, providing enormous power savings in addition to the impressive board space reduction that Empower is known for,” said Trey Roessig, chief technology officer and SVP of Engineering of Empower Semiconductor.

By Natasha Shek