Titanium efficiency power supply for OCP and datacentres

10-02-2021 | Bel Power | Power

Bel Power Solutions has expanded its portfolio to include the TET3200-12-069RA, a 3200W Titanium efficient AC/DC front-end power supply that can convert up to 277VAC into a main output of 12VDC for powering intermediate bus architectures in high performance and high-reliability servers, routers and network switches and applications.

The device provides a power density of 34W/in3 and realises Titanium efficiency (>96% efficient at 50% load) in a compact package measuring 69mm x 40.5mm x 555mm (2.72" x 1.6" x 21.85"). The AC/DC stage employs soft-switching resonant techniques to decrease component stresses, giving increased system reliability and extremely high efficiency, together with synchronous rectification. It also has a DC input voltage range of 180-410VDC. An active OR-ing device on the output assures no reverse load current and provides the supply ideal for operation in redundant power systems.

These power supplies are hot-swappable and can be joined in parallel with active digital current sharing. An always-on +12V 36W standby output is also provided.

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