Next-generation automotive connectivity offers space savings

03-02-2021 | Amphenol | Automotive Technologies

Amphenol RF now offers the AUTOMATE Mini-FAKRA connector series, the newest in automotive interconnect technology. This series provides a space-conscious, high-performance interface which is crucial to the next generation of vehicle applications. Supporting up to 20Gbps data transmission, the connectors lessen installation demands by up to 80% compared to previous FAKRA products.

The connector series is created with colour-coded housings to give visual guidance during the assembly process. They are also mechanically keyed to prevent mismating of the connectors. The dependable installation makes this connector excellent for automotive applications including autonomous vehicles, ADAS and 360-degree surround-view cameras.

The series is currently offered in the type A right angle PCB and cable mount configuration and offers many of the same design elements as traditional FAKRA including push-on mating, which gives audible confirmation of the secure connection, and TPA. The TPA is a secondary locking mechanism found on the cable mount connector which gives further security throughout the installation process and snaps into place when the connectors are correctly mated.

The Type A connector series is completely compatible with existing mini-FAKRA connectors generally employed in automotive applications. Custom cable assemblies and IP rated sealed solutions are offered on request.

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