New M12-A connector combines power and signal contacts

03-02-2021 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Binder has released the first models in a new range of over-moulded M12 A-coded connectors. Its hybrid design indicates the single-cable solution comprises both power and signal contacts

The versatility and flexibility of the new hybrid connectors make them excellent for applications in industrial indoor and outdoor areas where power and signal transmission is required in the tiniest of spaces. As well as sensors, actuators and camera systems, this also incorporates motors, drives and control systems.

The first available versions offer nine contacts with two gold-plated current contacts rated to 12A at 63V and seven gold-plated signal contacts rated 0.5A at 12.5V.

The power conductors are inserted in a cable connector moulded with polyurethane (PUR) and offer a cross-section of 0.75mm2 (AWG 18). The signal transmission conductors are 0.14mm2 (AWG 26).

The new connectors are supplied with 2m and 5m cables as standard, although custom cables lengths are also provided by the company on request. For PCB applications, the connection to the board is implemented utilising dip soldering technology (THR) for the power contacts and SMD technology for the signal contacts. The connectors may be processed in modern reflow processes.

The connector has been especially created for demanding outdoor applications. When mated, the connectors protect to IP67, and its operating temperature range is -25C to 85C. The screw connection of the M12x1 standard thread is constructed of stainless steel although an optional plastic version is available.

The company has also announced a connector version with six contacts among other models that will soon follow. This combines two current contacts – up to 16A – and four shielded signal contacts for data transmission. This facilitates future DC applications with power demands of up to a maximum of 1kW and with simultaneous data connection up to 100Mbit/s.

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