Formaldehyde sensing made easy by innovative sensor module

22-02-2021 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

Sensirion offers its new formaldehyde sensor module, the SFA30. The device’s innovative electrochemical cell design, dedicated electronics, incorporating an onboard humidity and temperature sensor, and advanced algorithms, facilitates highly reliable and selective formaldehyde detection at extremely low concentrations. This new sensor, therefore, is aimed at the appliance market, targeting indoor air purification and ventilation systems and indoor air quality monitors.

Adding to its environmental sensor portfolio, the new formaldehyde sensor module is based on an amperometric electrochemical working principle. It offers unrivalled formaldehyde sensing performance facilitated by an ultra-low cross-sensitivity to other VOCs. Relying on the company's experience in environmental sensing and a patented electrochemical cell with anti-dry technology, the device gives excellent long-term stability and an exceptional six-year service lifetime. The on-board humidity and temperature sensor affords accurate readings and facilitates a fully temperature and humidity-compensated and factory-calibrated formaldehyde concentration output in ppb. With selectable digital UART and I2C interface options, a standard electrical connector, and adaptable mounting options, it gives customers an excellent solution for quickly integrating a highly reliable sensor into their application.

“By having improved performance, long-term stability and reliability with our new formaldehyde sensor module, we were able to tackle an issue in existing technologies, making formaldehyde sensing easy and truly trustworthy,” says Niculin Saratz, director, Product Management Gas Sensors, Sensirion.

By Natasha Shek