Progamming QSPI flashes at maximum speed for production environments

12-01-2021 | Segger | Subs & Systems

SEGGER has added quad mode programming for QSPI Flashes to its universal flash programmer, maximising programming speed for production environments.

Flasher PRO assures that the time gained using four-pin transfer translates straight to increased productivity. Running in either PC-based or stand-alone mode, the solution reaches the general minimum programming time of the QSPI device itself.

“With SEGGER Flasher PRO, the hardware’s the limit,” says Ivo Geilenbrügge, managing director of SEGGER. “The only way to make programming even faster was for us to add support for quad mode. So we did! Flasher PRO doesn’t waste any time.”

QSPI flashes are popular in embedded systems for program and data storage, even coupled on the same device. As capacities increase, now up to 128MBytes, programming speed has become still more important, particularly in mass production.

The solution is very easy to set up and operate utilising the software which is available cross-platform, for Windows, macOS, Linux for Intel and Linux for ARM processors. It can be operated stand-alone with the push of a button, controlled from a PC, or controlled remotely. In larger production environments, it normally 'gangs up' with other Flasher PROs to program multiple devices simultaneously.

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