New MEMS offer further improved acoustical performance

12-01-2021 | Infineon | Subs & Systems

Infineon Technologies offers a next-generation analog MEMS microphone that provides even better results – the XENSIV MEMS microphone IM73A135. In microphones, designers frequently have to accept trade-offs: high SNR, a small package, high acoustic overload point, low power consumption, MEMS versus ECM. Subsequently, applications that need the highest performance microphones may have previously still employed ECMs instead of MEMS. The new device reduces the necessity to compromise.

A 73dB SNR and a high acoustic overload point (135dB SPL) make for a high dynamic range microphone with a small footprint of 4mm x 3mm x 1.2mm3. The company's new MEMS microphone also offers tight frequency curve matching for the most compelling audio signal processing and what is claimed to be the industry’s lowest power consumption of 170μA. The device, therefore, enables designers to attain a level of high audio performance limited to ECMs while at the same time realising the benefits inherent in MEMS technology.

The new MEMS microphone provides excellent characteristics to enhance active noise cancellation in headphones. Additionally, the low self-noise makes the device particularly suited for high-quality audio capturing needed in conference systems, cameras, or audio recorders.

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