Harsh environment angle sensor for mobile machinery

08-01-2021 | Variohm | Test & Measurement

With an optimised design for severe environment position sensing tasks on mobile machinery and equipment for construction, agriculture, forestry and haulage and more, Novotechnik’s new RSA-3200 series angle sensors provide a wide choice of electrical interfaces, five selectable angle measurement ranges to 360-degrees, and resolution to 14 bits in an extremely robust IP6K9K housing. Available from Variohm EuroSensor the new device also complies with European E1 approvals and is suitable for safety-related applications to DIN EN ISO 13849.

The competitively priced sensor is offered in a selection of single and dual-redundant analogue output versions as ratiometric, current and voltage from 12VDC to 24VDC input power. For these versions, DIN EN ISO 13849 safety-related position and speed applications and E1 type approval to the ECE directive can be accommodated. The sensor is also offered with CANopen or CAN SAE J1939 interfaces for direct compatibility with the communication networks broadly employed on mobile machinery. Furthermore, the RSA-3200 is certified to the ISO 11452 standard, complying with the highest EMC standards for interference fields.

Featuring Novotechnik’s ‘touchless’ Hall Effect technology and providing typical operational life of up to 30 million movements, the compact sensor is accommodated in a compact, encapsulated IP6K9K protection class casing with 32mm mounting centres. A generous -40C to +125C operational temperature range permits use across the harshest of environments encountered by mobile machinery. Developed for lever arm installation, and with optional lever linkage accessories, its stainless steel D-shaft is double O-ring sealed for IP67 protection and set in sintered bronze bushings for maximum load resistance. An industry-specific six-pin MQS connector and mating component accessories enable convenient electrical interfacing. Five standard measuring angles are offered: 60-degrees, 120-degrees, 180-degrees, 240-degrees, 360-degrees, with custom angles and other custom modifications available on request.

By Natasha Shek