Best transmission rates despite long cable

15-01-2021 | Wurth | Subs & Systems

With its SHDSL Evaluation Kit, Würth Elektronik now provides developers with the opportunity to test applications with the SHDSL transceiver from Intel. Typical applications include video surveillance, vending machines, bank terminals, infotainment systems in airports and subway stations, traffic control systems and industrial communication systems. It can reach distances of up to 15km and obtain data rates of up to 15Mbps using twisted-pair copper wires A throughput of 60Mbps (symmetrical rate) has also been accomplished using four copper pairs (a CAT5e cable has four copper pairs).

The evaluation board incorporated in the kit can be utilised as an EFM modem, SHDSL EFM module or plug and play Ethernet extender. It has a selectable bit rate incorporating auto mode and USB-EIA232 emulation or TTL compatible EIA232 interface. There are over 122 components from the company employed on this board, such as the LAN transformer, PMI inductor, capacitors, ferrites, LEDs, connectors and switches. The board also incorporates a custom transformer. The board also includes a custom transformer.

“It is customised to be compact (17.7mm x 13.4mm x 12.7mm height) and provides very good total harmonic distortion. This transformer meets UL and IEC standards, has a low leakage inductance (less than 35µH) and offers excellent longitudinal balance”, explained Swaroop Vaidyanath, product manager of this kit.

The kit contains the evaluation board with the Intel chipset, two CAT6 Ethernet cables, a micro-USB cable and a guide for the first steps.

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