Power supplies offer titanium efficiency for datacentre and ICT applications

10-12-2020 | Bel Power | Power

Bel Power Solutions now offers the TET1500 Series power supply for routers, servers, network switches and other high availability applications including storage appliances. This titanium efficiency 1500W power supply converts standard AC or HVDC into a main 12VDC output for powering intermediate bus architectures in ICT equipment.

The HVDC option allows design engineers to select the same power supply for deployment in environments from enterprises to conventional datacentres. The HVDC input option can also be employed to power redundant equipment powered from battery backups, DC generators or renewable energy sources.

Built-in black box recorder functionality continuously monitors the power supply and can be utilised to speed up root cause analysis in the circumstance of any issues throughout operation. Operational data is saved into non-volatile memory in case of a critical event, which may then be accessed through the I2C serial interface utilising the industry-standard Power Management Bus protocol. This interface also allows digital control of remote set-up and monitoring and can be employed with the company's I2C Utility, a free graphical user interface.

Power factor correction is digitally controlled utilising a state-of-the-art digital signal processing algorithm to optimise efficiency and deliver a unity power factor over a wide operating range. All models provide overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, overpower and short circuit protection. Standard or reverse airflow options are also offered. Parallel operation with active analog current sharing eradicates the necessity for extra components when multiple units are required for very high current applications. These hot-swappable and hot-standby power supplies support N+1 redundant architecture. All AC-input models in the series provide low total harmonic current distortion.

By Natasha Shek