Extensive range of environmental test and measure instruments now available

18-12-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components now stocks a comprehensive range of its own-brand RS PRO environmental test and measurement. These high precision instruments and devices are aimed at engineers and scientists to monitor environmental conditions such as moisture, heat, sound, and light.

The RS PRO infrared thermometer is a handy instrument for taking fast, non-contact temperature measurements and provides an easy-to-read display. It offers two modes of operation for body and surface measurements taking them from up to 10cm away with an accuracy of ±0.3C. Up to 32 measurements may be stored in the memory, and an alarm value can be set. Applications cover measuring room temperature, forehead temperature, and temperatures of solids or liquids from 10C up to 60C.

This high-quality device offers accurate, fast and reliable temperature screening of objects or items. A relevant application would be spotting heat leaks in thermal insulation, or to scan body temperature. It incorporates a blackbody to provide consistent and accurate temperature calibration to ±0.3C. Thermal images are displayed on the large screen, making the results simple to read; however, the video output enables connection to a larger display, if needed. Data logging is through the 8GB microSD card, which is included, and there is an assortment of internal storage settings for data capture. As well as the blackbody and memory card, the camera is supplied together with batteries, card reader, handrails, video cable, lens cover, packing list, carrying case, QC certificate, tripod, USB speaker, power adaptor, and power cables for the camera and blackbody.

As well as thermal measurement and monitoring equipment, the range offers a microwave emissions detector. This instrument is commonly used by facilities and maintenance engineers to monitor and detect electromagnetic leakage. The sound level meter has a dynamic range from 35dB to 130dB. Measurement data can be transferred to the user’s mobile phone through Bluetooth for further analysis.

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