Thermal hygrometer for guitar maintenance and safety

16-11-2020 | Sensirion | Subs & Systems

Together with Lee Guitars and Qingping, Sensirion AG has launched what is claimed to be the first thermal hygrometer for guitar safety. Furnished with the SHTC3 sensor from Sensirion AG, the thermo-hygrometer enables the maintenance of any acoustic guitar.

Delicate musical instruments like acoustic guitars with the smallest damage can severely affect the sound and the playing of the instrument. The new device allows monitoring of the temperature and humidity inside the guitar case. The gadget can readily be attached to the guitar with the equipped magnetic latch. The temperature and humidity data is gathered and kept for up to 30 days, and is displayed in a user-friendly graphic on a Qingping+ or Lee Guitars app. Limit values can be fixed on the device. If these limit values are exceeded or undercut, the user receives a message and can immediately take specific countermeasures. The sensor from the company is excellent for consumer electronics applications.

"With its minimal power consumption, the sensor is specialised for mobile or wireless applications with battery operation. The thermo-hygrometer from Lee Guitars demands exactly these characteristics from the built-in sensor and is therefore ideally equipped with the SHTC3," says Maximilian Eichberger, head of product management for humidity and temperature sensors at Sensirion.

"With the SHTC3, we have chosen a very accurate and reliable sensor. Sensirion stands for quality and excellent service, exactly what we promise our customers," says Peter Jiang, founder and CEO of Qingping.

By Natasha Shek