Tailored sensor solutions for smart buildings and life in the future

11-11-2020 | Infineon | Test & Measurement

At the virtual electronica which started on 10 November 2020, Infineon Technologies present the company’s sensor portfolio with a focus on smart buildings and consumer life in the future. Products and application examples will be presented digitally and explained in detail, incorporating presentations, e-learnings, infographics, videos, 360-degree views and useful downloads. After the live program ends on 12 November, all information on the sensor highlights will be provided on demand.

Due to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the observance of indoor air quality has become more significant. CO2 is a key parameter for indoor air quality that correlates straight with the aerosols through which the virus is transmitted. Smart ventilation and warning systems fitted with the XENSIV PAS CO2 sensor from the company can help lessen the risk of infection due to indoor airborne transmission. They warn of poor air quality or deliver the necessary fresh air supply.

Based on photoacoustic spectroscopy, the sensor measures the CO2 content in the room air precisely. It employs a highly sensitive acoustic detector, developed specifically for low frequencies. The PAS principle allows a significant reduction in size by up to 75% space compared to conventional CO2 sensors. The directly emitted ppm values and the optimised design enable easy and fast integration, which is perfect for high-volume production applications.

Evaluation boards for the sensor are now offered for main customers. They can be ordered through distributors beginning in the first half of 2021. The sensor itself will be obtainable through distributors by mid-2021. Evaluation boards (evaluation kit, Arduino-Shield2Go, Adafruit-Wingboard/
Featherboard) as well as drivers and documentation, including application notes are offered for comprehensive design-in support.

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