Record ADAS data synchronously with new logging solution

05-11-2020 | Vector Fields | Automotive Technologies

A new logging solution, CANape log, from Vector is now available for recording ADAS data. Users can record all data from sensors, networks, complex protocols and internal ECU data with this solution. It scales with increasing needs and can be operated intuitively. Preconfigured logging is started, stopped and monitored through a mobile device - all with only one click.

Many available data logging solutions do not collect sensor data from different manufacturers. This is where the overall solution from the company comes in - the solution records large amounts of data from different sources synchronously. Utilising the scalable VX1161 measurement hardware and the VN network interfaces, users connect sensors, ECUs and networks, such as automotive Ethernet, to the logger. Raw data from video streams as well as radar data are recorded efficiently, quickly and reliably.

In stand-alone mode the user monitors and controls the logger through a browser-based user interface. In interactive mode a laptop is coupled to the logger hardware. In this way the full range of CANape functions is available without needing to change the wiring in the vehicle.

The solution is scalable in numerous ways. Different logger platforms are offered depending on the needed computing power and data rate: The VP7400 processes data at up to 1GByte/s. The VP6400 is designed for up to 500MByte/s, and the VN8911 rounds out the portfolio at the lower end with up to 15MByte/s. A multi-PC solution with extra hardware modules tuned by only one CANape log enables recording rates to be raised at will.

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