Liquid pressure-sensitive adhesives for the electronics industry

10-11-2020 | DELO | Subs & Systems

DELO has produced adhesives that have similar properties to (double-sided) adhesive tapes but are used in liquid form. This allows users to save time and costs in the production process. The liquid pressure-sensitive adhesives are able to be dispensed accurately and once the components have been connected, they can be further processed instantly in a fully automated process. The adhesives are specifically suited for electronic applications such as smartphone speakers or display frames.

The whole process, from precise dispensing even on tiny components or three-dimensional geometries to irradiation and mechanical pressing, can be completely automated. This makes the liquid pressure-sensitive adhesives especially suited for high-output production.

Depending on their needs, users can select liquid pressure-sensitive adhesives with different chemical bases. The acrylate-based adhesive DELO PHOTOBOND PS4130 has very similar properties to typical adhesive tape in terms of flexibility, peel resistance and strength. It is suitable for adhesive applications with short cycle times and moderate needs on final strength. Due to its outstanding damping properties and low outgassing values, this adhesive is already being employed, for example, in the assembly of smartphone speakers.

The epoxy-based adhesive DELO KATIOBOND PS6372, on the other hand, was created especially for structural bonding applications demanding high strength. Once the initial strength has been accomplished by pressing on the components, the assembly can be processed instantly, with the strength of the bonded joint increasing afterwards. When fully cured, this adhesive accomplishes compression shear strengths of over 30MPa on aluminium and over 10MPa on FR4. Its high resistance to temperature and media makes it also suited for automotive applications.

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