Solution provides a consistent and modular OTA framework

22-10-2020 | Vector Informatik | Automotive Technologies

Vector is now offering vConnect, a new and comprehensive Over-The-Air solution. The solution comprises a consistent and modular OTA framework, from back end to vehicle. The framework delivers a solid basis for the development of own OTA applications. To get started, the vConnect Evaluation Bundle is available. The user quickly acquires practical experience with automotive OTA and benefits from a mixture of individual application options.

Based on a modular framework, the solution covers the most important automotive OTA use cases straight from the start - for example, OTA software updates and live diagnostics. Customers utilise the framework as a basis for creating custom OTA applications. Due to integrated end-to-end security functions, these applications are optimally protected right from the very beginning. Integration into current business systems and easy application development are readily possible.

With the vConnect Evaluation Bundle, each user can find the benefits of the solution in practical application. The VN8810 diagnostic hardware is just connected to the vehicle via the OBD interface and delivers a secure communication channel to the back end. This enables new software updates to be installed onto the vehicle and specified diagnostic sequences to be executed.

With the solution, established company offboard diagnostic and flash tools can be readily integrated into a consistent OTA scenario that supports both offboard and onboard use cases.

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