Rugged general-purpose enclosures for domestic and commercial applications

08-10-2020 | BCL Enclosures | Subs & Systems

Two families of ABS enclosures from BCL Enclosures combine simplicity and ruggedness to offer an unobtrusive enclosure in circumstances where aesthetics are meaningful, such as domestic, commercial and office spaces.

The AB Series are two-part enclosures with a matt finish and lids which are enclosed with four self-tapping screws that can be installed from both inside or outside then hidden with the supplied matching plastic covers. There are integral stand offs in both halves of each box, and three models (AB77, AB78 and AB88) also have PCB slots. Six models are offered: AB77, AB78 and AB88 measure 178mm long x 122mm wide and are 36mm, 55mm and 74mm high respectively, individually with a nominal wall thickness of 3mm. The slightly larger AB99, AB910 and AB1010 enclosures are 240mm long x 190mm wide and are 40mm, 65mm and 90mm high respectively, with a nominal wall thickness of 4mm. Standard colours are black or white, and the company can supply other RAL colours on request, as well as customisation such as punching and printing of logos.

The BM Series offers an alternative with similar features in a two-part ABS enclosure, but with a polished finish. The lids of BM11W (143mm x 82mm x 30mm high), BM12W (143mm x 82mm x 44mm high) and BM22W (143mm x 82mm x 58mm high) are retained by four 3mm countersunk plated screws fixed into brass inserts. Nominal wall thickness is 3mm. BM12W has PCB slots in the base while the larger BM22W model has PCB slots in the base and the lid. Standard colours are black and white RAL with alternative RAL colours provided on request.

By Natasha Shek