Power relay delivers highest switching capacity using EMRs

28-10-2020 | Pickering | Subs & Systems

Pickering Interfaces has released a new high-power relay PXI module that claims to provide the industry’s highest switching capacity in a small footprint for a solution based on electromechanical relays. Populating a compact single PXI slot form factor, the model 40-166 is offered with SPST, SPDT or SP4T switching configurations. It utilises power relays that are appropriate for switching loads up to 20A (SPDT and SP4T versions) or 30A at 277VAC (SPST) and can switch voltages up to 480VAC or 300VDC.

These power relay modules are aimed at switching heavy AC or DC loads or for controlling large external relays, contactors and solenoids. The range is ideal for applications needing switching of mains voltage or DC and can switch up to 480VAC or 300VDC with a maximum power of 5500VA/600W (SPST configuration). This new module also provides notable bandwidth performance (-3dB) for a 30MHz (typical) power relay module.

Comments Steven Edwards, switching product manager at Pickering: “The single PXI slot envelope maximises switching density within the chassis when compared to other high current modules aimed at the automotive and defence sectors. Spare relay kits are available, allowing customers – with appropriate training – to repair devices on-site, thus minimising system downtime. Of course, like all our switching products, the 40-166 carries a three-year warranty.”

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