New field replaceable connectors offer multiple options

26-10-2020 | Pasternack | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Pasternack offers a new line of field-replaceable RF connectors developed for usage in various civil and defence telecommunications, civil and defence aeronautics, defence equipment, as well as space and measurement system applications.

The company's new field replaceable RF connectors comprise SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm types with two-hole and four-hole mounting configurations. Each connector uses a metal ring that grounds or mates with the component ground and will work with a range of different pin sizes.

These types of connectors can be employed on different sealed RF components as replaceable RF interconnects where the component has a pin exposed. The connector is connected to the wall of the component with screws and takes the interface pin. To house a broad range of RF components, several configurations of flange sizes and pin sizes are provided off-the-shelf.

“Our new field replaceable connectors are perfect for changing interface types on a variety of RF components used in a wide range of applications. These versatile connectors were designed to address applications where durability, reliability and high-frequency performance are required,” said Steve Ellis, RF interconnect product manager.

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