High-performing Hall-effect latch for cost-sensitive applications

01-10-2020 | Melexis | Test & Measurement

Melexis has released a robust Hall-effect latch for cost-sensitive applications including PCs, servers, power tools, and home appliances, with features that simplify design and provide stable magnetic characteristics.

The new latch, the MLX92214, provides high magnetic sensitivity that eases magnet selection and eases constraints on the size of the air gap. Using mixed-signal CMOS technology, the device offers an integrated chopper-stabilised amplifier that removes output offset. Power consumption is also low, with a typical operating current of 2.1mA, and the broad supply-voltage range from 5.5V down to 2.5V aids to [extend the runtime of battery-powered devices.

While easing key aspects of the application design, the device provides the robustness of a high-quality device. The ESD-withstand capability of 6kV (HBM) improves reliability in applications such as hand tools. Also, the small CMOS chip size lowers susceptibility to mechanical stress.

Able to switch at up to 10kHz, the device enables high sampling frequencies for precision measurement at fast rotational speeds. The values of operating (BOP) and release (BRP) switching points are symmetrical, which provides predictable latching characteristics, and stability over the entire operating temperature range. Two temperature grades are offered, specified from -40C to 125C and -40C to 150C.

By Natasha Shek