All-in-one solution delivers powerful MCU functionality

14-10-2020 | Microchip Technology | Semiconductors

As the IoT expands beyond home automation and drives deeper into home control – including HVAC, garage doors and fans – and grows in building and industrial automation, the demand for highly integrated, reliable and secured IIoT connectivity is greater than ever. Microchip Technology today announced the first-ever Wi-Fi MCU module with the company's Trust&GO-enabled unique, verifiable identity.

For developers designing secure IIoT systems, the company’s highly integrated WFI32E01PC is a Trust&GO secured platform-enabled Wi-Fi MCU module that is pre-provisioned for cloud platforms. The device is compliant to WFA specification and fully certified with the following world regulatory agencies: FCC, IC and European RED. The company's Trust&GO platform inside the device streamlines the procedure of network authentication utilising secure element technology, which is preconfigured and pre-provisioned for cloud authentication.

Unlike existing devices, the company's new technology comprises a premium PIC32 MCU core, rich peripherals and a proven hardware security platform – allowing it not only to deliver Wi-Fi but also to perform as a powerful MCU core for the entire IIoT system.

“With increasing attacks, traditional software data encryption is no longer sufficient to protect transmitted data. Devices need a hardcoded, verifiable, trustable identity to securely connect to the cloud,” said Steve Caldwell, vice president of Microchip’s wireless solutions business unit. “This is the first secure, pre-provisioned MCU with Wi-Fi that is shipped factory direct or through distribution.”

As well as industrial applications, the device is developed for home automation devices, computing and consumer devices.

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