Upgraded signal and spectrum analyser offers excellent dynamic range and sensitivity

14-09-2020 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

Rohde & Schwarz has launched the new R&S FSW-B8001 option. It extends the internal analysis bandwidth of the FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyser to 8.3GHz. Covering an input frequency range of up to 90GHz, the instrument offers an excellent dynamic range and sensitivity, precision and EVM performance. Provided with the extended analysis bandwidth option and dedicated measurement applications, the analyser satisfies current and future test and measurement needs for ultra-wideband signal analysis over different industries.

Applications for the device comprise pulse measurements of A&D radar systems, satellite payload testing and amplifier pre-distortion tests. The device also covers chirp analysis for automotive radar and research on the next generation of wireless communication.

The new solution with the device provides far higher signal quality and sensitivity in a user-friendly, one-box solution – integrated with fully featured and signal analysis capabilities that also provide spectrum analysis functionalities.

By Natasha Shek