Two new series of rugged three-phase AC-filter capacitors

11-09-2020 | TDK | Passives

TDK Corporation offers two new series of EPCOS power capacitors for AC filtering in three-phase delta connection applications. The B32375* series is created for the low to medium power range and covers a capacitance spectrum from 3 x 5µF to 3 x 50µF with rated voltages from 250VRMS to 600VRMS. The can diameters are 50mm or 63.5mm, and the heights vary between 128mm and 275mm depending on capacity and voltage. These capacitors have faston terminals for straightforward installation.

The B32376* series is created for high power with a capacitance range from 3 x 10µF to 3 x 400µF with rated voltages from 250VRMS to 1000VRMS. The can diameters are 116mm or 136mm, and the heights are between 200mm and 275mm. These capacitors have screw terminal M10 for safety installation. The capacitors in this series are also offered in versions with a vibration resistance of 20g.

A key feature of the new capacitors when compared to its predecessor types, is an improved safety device in accordance with IEC-61071, which removes the requirement for soldering. This results in a long service life of up to 100,000 hours at a continuous hot-spot operating temperature of 85C and 200,000 hours at 70C.

The main areas of application are input and output filters of high-performance converters, such as in traction applications or the field of renewable energy.

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