New in-vehicle multi-device wireless charging solutions

01-09-2020 | NXP | Automotive Technologies

NXP Semiconductors has stated that the first multi-device vehicle wireless charging solution operated by a single MWCT controller is now offered for production vehicles. The company has extended its products to the new 15W wireless power standard, facilitating faster charging. The new solution assists carmakers in offering differentiated in-car experience to their customers by allowing the passenger and driver to simultaneously charge wirelessly through a single console. The employment of a single MWCT device in the vehicle allows carmakers to benefit from a diminished cost and physical footprint for device charging. Based on the Qi standard, it supports all Qi-enabled phones, including iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and others.

“Wireless charging enables a cleaner, clutter-free console that provides convenience and simplicity to consumers. Dual charging is the next step,” said Denis Cabrol, senior director, NXP. “As the leader in in-vehicle charging, NXP is pleased to make this groundbreaking technology available to carmakers who are at the leading edge of creating experiences for their customers.”

The controller family offers car makers with a production-ready solution that is simple to implement through easily available software and hardware design files.

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