M12 connectors for AC and DC applications

10-09-2020 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Binder’s new S-coded and T-coded power connectors are ideal for power transmission. The two standardised types are created as per DIN EN 610276-2-111 for applications including motors, drives and for supplying power to AC and DC consumers.

The S-coded connectors of company's 814 Series were produced for usage in AC supplies up to 630VAC. They have a PE lead and transmit, in the two-phase or three-phase version, power of up to 7.5kW. The power connectors of the series are excellent for applications including AC motors and drives, motor load switches and frequency converters.

The T-coded connectors of series are aimed at DC voltages up to 63VDC at 12A. They are ideal for employment as power connectors for fieldbus or Ethernet applications such as Profinet. These power connectors can also be utilised to supply DC motors and drives or other power-hungry components with up to 750W.

The connectors have four gold-plated contacts while the plugs have two and three gold-plated contacts and one pre-mating PE contact. They are offered in straight and right-angle versions.

The cable connectors of each type come with the M12 interlock as standard. They protect to IP67 and IP68 and are intended for more than 100 mating cycles. The operational temperature range is -25C to +85C.

Both series provide moulded male cable connectors and female cable jacks, that are premade or ready for assembly. For panel mounting, round and square housings that are made of metal and plastic are available. These can be screw-mounted from the front or back. The products can be connected by the customer and are also offered with already connected stranded wire. In this way, the company permits its customers to find the connector suitable for their preferred method of installation.

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