LCD monitors with touch for any application

30-09-2020 | Advanced Crystal Technology | Subs & Systems

The Crystal Display team are offering a new and exciting display range which they call HALO. Another niche display offering originally developed for the gaming market, but installs are occurring in all kinds of applications, including retail, museums and more.

The screens offer an LED lighting strip around the edge providing a glow or ‘HALO’ effect to add attention to the screen. Unlike some competitors’ products the LEDs are mounted on a rigid PCB and do not have hotspots or dark corners.

The RGB LEDs can be managed via remote control to enable flexibility and colour chasing effects. This can lead to some highly creative results mixed with customers’ content creation.

The range currently comprises a 23.8” and 27” size, with a FHD 1920 x 1080 resolution and wide 178/178 viewing angle. For use in landscape or portrait orientation.

Offered with a 10-point PCAP touch screen, touch and non-touch versions having a 3mm tempered glass for added strength and durability.

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